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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we make change happen fast?

A modification can occur at a responsible pace when the staff shares the same image of the solution as the leader, the staff is equipped and valued, AND the staff is solution focused.

How can I be heard during meetings?

You have a voice and want to use it. That's great! Inform the staff what you are hearing them say, and then add your point. 

Example: What I am hearing you say is ..... I would like to share A way I can see us solve this together. What are your thoughts?

Can you help with male dominated teams?

Yes. I focus the conversations on communication styles and behavior rather than gender, age, nor education level.

Do you fix those people who are difficult to work with?

I do not fix anyone; however, I create safe space and communication strategies to foster diversity, inclusion, and healthy conflict management.

Where do you conduct training?

I will travel to where your team is located.  Alternatively, I have had success arranging team building in a neutral off site location.

When can you train us?

Not only do I customize training to suite the unique needs of your team, I am able to be creative with training time.  The goal is for the training to be digestible and to organically nurture new habits; therefore, the training does  not have to happen in a long day.